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Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that connect the bones in your body, and the ligaments in your knee are particularly prone to injury. The orthopedic doctors and sports medicine physicians at Bluetail Medical Group in Chesterfield and Columbia, Missouri and Naples, Florida specialize in treating injured ligaments with regenerative medicine, including regenerative cell and platelet-rich plasma therapies, helping you get back to an active lifestyle without pain. To learn more about nonsurgical treatment options for ligament injuries, call or schedule a consultation online.

Ligament Injuries Q & A

What Causes Ligament Injuries?

One of the most common ligament injuries is a sprained anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). You may hear it referred to as a torn ACL. This type of ligament injury is common among athletes who play sports with sudden stops and starts, like basketball, tennis, or soccer.

When you put excessive stress on your knee during a sport or activity, the ACL can become disconnected from your thigh bone (femur) or your shin bone (tibia). Typical causes include:

  • Landing incorrectly after jumping
  • Suddenly stopping
  • A direct impact to your knee
  • A collision
  • Suddenly changing the speed and direction in which you’re running
  • Pivoting from the knee too fast or too hard


Damage to your ligament is usually in the form of a partial or complete tear, and an ACL injury typically causes intense pain.

What are the Symptoms of a Ligament Injury?

Signs that you’ve injured a ligament include:

  • Severe pain and an inability to continue with the sport or activity
  • A loud popping feeling in your knee or other affected joint
  • Swelling around the joint
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Inability to put weight on your joint


If these symptoms persist, you’re encouraged to see one of the skilled orthopedic specialists at Bluetail Medical Group to get proper treatment.

How are Ligament Injuries Treated?

Your treatment for a ligament injury depends on its severity. After careful evaluation, your Bluetail Medical Group physician develops a comprehensive strategy to relieve your pain and help your body heal itself as quickly and effectively as possible.

Treatment methods for a less severe ligament injury include rest, ice, and compression. For more severe ligament injuries, like when your ACL is completely torn or stretched beyond its limit, surgery is usually recommended.

As an alternative to surgery, the physicians at Bluetail Medical Group often recommend regenerative treatments like regenerative cellular therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. The team has years of experience successfully treating ligament injuries with regenerative cell and PRP therapies.

Regenerative treatments encourage your body to heal itself by promoting new cell growth to repair injured tissue. After regenerative cellular therapy, PRP, or a combination of both, recovery time is typically shorter and easier than after surgery. Most men and women resume their normal activities within three months after treatment.  

To learn if regenerative cellular therapy and PRP therapy can heal your ligament injury, call or schedule a consultation online today.